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Version 0.6

This early version of the game will be updated and expanded.

As we make changes, your game may change or you may lose access to it. You will be able to create a new Badge ID to start a new game.

Learn more about what’s in store for future updates!

How to Play

You may play the game alone, or with a group!

Group play with a shared Badge ID

(Recommended for groups who wish to progress quickly)

Create one Badge ID for your group to divide and conquer your investigation. When one person solves something, the whole group progresses.

  1. Choose one person to create the Badge ID
  2. Share the created Badge ID with the group.
  3. Everyone in the group logs in with the same Badge ID.
Group play with separate Badge IDs

(Recommended for groups whose players all wish to experience every part of the game)

Group members create their own Badge IDs to investigate individually while communicating their findings to group members to help progress their investigations too.

  1. Everyone creates their own Badge ID.
  2. Everyone logs in with their own Badge ID.
  3. Group members communicate as they play.
Solo play with a personal ID

(Recommended for those going it alone)

Create your own Badge ID to tackle the challenge of solving the mystery! This style of playing allows you to work alone, but may be more difficult than in a group.

  1. Create your own Badge ID.
  2. Login with your Badge ID to begin your adventure!

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